About Wasteland

 We are Wasteland.  The oldest and largest bdsm and fetish network on the internet. Launched in 1994, we have provided service to the “Real” bdsm community since that time. Over the years, things have changed.  Commercial interests have entered the realm.  “Not Nice” bdsm producers have gone beyond the safe limits with models.  And, today, there is the crazy trend of bdsm-wanna-bees hiring porn stars to do bdsm scenes. That is ALL BAD, and leads to physical injury, lawsuits, and bad press for our bdsm community. That said, take a look at our offerings. We are 100% REAL all the time.  No paid porn stars. No fake scenes. Safe, Sane and Consensual.  It’s just what we have always done at wasteland:  All real, all the time.