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February 26th, 2008

 In this site, you are welcome to explore our vast offerings of bdsm, fetish and niche erotic interest sites. All Real, All The time!

  Wasteland.ComWinner of AVN’s “Best Fetish Site” two years in a row and the People’s Choice Award for “Best BDSM and FetishSite on the Net”. On the web since 1994, Wasteland is the oldest and largest BDSM site on the net. Now featuring original HD movies, blogs,community forums, user generated video content and so much more. Wasteland continues to be the source for “100% Explicit, 100% Real” BDSM & Fetish action.  

Getting tired of seeing the same old paid actress scenes being played out on other BDSM sites? Take a trip to the darker side of desire. Always fresh, with real BDSM players doing the most intense performances. This blast from the past will blow you away!

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Forbidden East is a unique Japanese Bondage and Fetish site sure to appeal to the Asian BDSM and Fetish afficiano. Why is it unique? Wasteland Studios, many years ago, secured licensing arrangements with the deeply underground Japanese porn producers. All of this video and photo content is totally illegal in that society. You may have seen some stolen content around the web over the years, but this is the “real deal” as far as the creative genious of Japanese BDSM and Fetish movie producers. We’ll hang into it as long as we can until the Yakuza comes knocking at the the door!

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Sssh.com is another unique site in the adult entertainment industry. Around the year 2000, the Wasteland crew saw that there was very little adult entertainment on the web specifically for women. After two years in research and developmment, sssh.com was born. 100% written, shot and video taped by women. And, all of the features that mainstream magazines like Cosmo offer, but with the hardcore, toe-curling happy endings to each feature that women enjoy.

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BDSM Hardcore is just what the name implies: Just lots of beating and screaming with no fancy plots or stories. If you like your bdsm content to be fast and furious with not a lot of plot, this is the one for you! 

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Mistress And Slave Boy

February 26th, 2008
Mistress Isabella Soprano. Now that has a fine ring to it. Oh, and isn’t she just leading the life. A nice spring day. A lovely glass of wine and a very handsome and submissive slave boy at her fingertips or as in this case hard at work on her hot little pussy.

 Ok, so being a dominant can be hard work yes. However this particular update shows you it can have equal rewards too.You don’t get to see how well she dresses her slave of course until a bit later in this movie but…believe me when I say his clothes are made just for him. Well what there is of them. Also they keep that naughty cock perfectly restrained so he is not too tempted to be a bad slave. No fun for him until Mistress is happy and then…well maybe not even then huh? 

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